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EJ lives in Manila, Rose is based in Texas. Planning weddings are no easy feat, yet they managed
to prepare for their big day from opposite sides of the world. And it was beautiful. Friends and
family from all over the world came together to celebrate and dance with them.
It was a wonderful day filled with love.


We met with them a couple of months later for a day after shoot, and they were still glowing like newlyweds.


Preps: Summit Hotel Magnolia
Church: St. John the Baptist Parish
Reception: Hanging Gardens Events Venue
Videographer: Film Factory
Wedding Coordinator: M&U by Riza Millen
Gown: Vera Wang
Flower Arrangements: Menchie
Day After Shoot: Casa Manila Patio


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We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our year. Carlo and Marian tied the knot last month,
and if this was anything to go by, we’re going to have a fantastic year ahead.

Two weeks into knowing each other, Carlo told Marian he was going to marry her.
Four years later, Carlo was standing by that altar waiting for his bride.We’re feeling very fortunate
to have witnessed the love between these two. Marian welcomed us into their lovely family home like we were old friends.
There were children running about and dancing with grandparents, stories and laughter all around. There were 300 guests,
but it felt intimate somehow, like a family gathering. It was the wedding that
Marian dreamed of when she was 7 years old, and so much more.

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Bridal preps: Family home
Groom preps: Somerset Alabang
Church: Sacred Heart Of Jesus Chapel, Hillsborough
Reception: Filinvest Tent
HMUA: Byron Velasquez
Entourage flowers and event styling: Zenas Pineda
Gown: Vania Romoff
Caterer: The Palms
Musicians: The Manila String Machine
Emcee: Atom Ungson
Coordination: Ai Acosta Events
Videographer: Ian Cruz Films

Nicco and Erica are a Jeff and Lisa couple, and we love how their story continues with us!
Their adorable little boy Tyler turned 1 last April. It was an intimate celebration inspired by an all-time favorite
children’s storybook, Guess How Much I Love You, and held at Nicco’s wildly popular hipster restaurant,
Your Local. Everything from the invitations to the tokens and even the bunny ear headbands were on point.
Our team had heaps of fun shooting this, and we hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did taking them.


Todd and Lauren originally planned to have a big wedding in Australia. Early 2015, Todd had this crazy idea to drop all their plans and get married in the Philippines instead. Somehow things fell into place and they made it happen, and Lauren got her dream wedding in what she calls her version of heaven. It was an intimate celebration with family and the closest of friends.

The ceremony was simple and lighthearted. With the crashing waves and gorgeous landscapes of Siargao as their backdrop, they said their vows in front of those dearest to them. We’re truly happy to have been there for it.

ATH Todd & Lauren 31ATH Todd & Lauren 01ATH Todd & Lauren 02ATH Todd & Lauren 03ATH Todd & Lauren 04ATH Todd & Lauren 05ATH Todd & Lauren 06ATH Todd & Lauren 07ATH Todd & Lauren 08ATH Todd & Lauren 09ATH Todd & Lauren 10ATH Todd & Lauren 11ATH Todd & Lauren 12ATH Todd & Lauren 13ATH Todd & Lauren 14ATH Todd & Lauren 15ATH Todd & Lauren 16ATH Todd & Lauren 17ATH Todd & Lauren 18ATH Todd & Lauren 19ATH Todd & Lauren 20ATH Todd & Lauren 21ATH Todd & Lauren 22ATH Todd & Lauren 23ATH Todd & Lauren 24ATH Todd & Lauren 25ATH Todd & Lauren 26ATH Todd & Lauren 27ATH Todd & Lauren 28ATH Todd & Lauren 29ATH Todd & Lauren 30ATH Todd & Lauren 32ATH Todd & Lauren 33ATH Todd & Lauren 34ATH Todd & Lauren 35ATH Todd & Lauren 36ATH Todd & Lauren 37ATH Todd & Lauren 38ATH Todd & Lauren 39ATH Todd & Lauren 40

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    Rose Sanchez - Hi I wanted to know what your packages are for a wedding with just pictures stored in USB? thank you!


We remember how giddy with excitement our lovely bride was when we walked into their home. One of her granddaughters sang for their family as everyone was getting ready. The day had barely begun but we knew we were going to witness something special. The whole family walked down the aisle, with the original flower girl and ring bearer reprising their roles. We were given a glimpse of how Sonny and Charito’s fifty years of marriage have been filled with so much love and history, and it was deeply moving.

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